Social Media Expectations

Once you’ve selected a platform for your group and received approval, there are a few standards we expect you to maintain for your site.

Branding Guidelines

Our brand is our identity. It conveys who we are and what we stand for. A uniform and consistent use of the ASCE brand is critical to our success. When creating profile pictures, please refer to ASCE’s Branding Toolkit.

Meet the Minimum Posting Guidelines

To successfully engage and grow your audience, it is important to post content regularly and reliably. An inactive site reflects poorly on your local group and ASCE. The following minimum posting guidelines serve as a good rule of thumb, but keep in mind that social media is not one size fits all. Modify these suggestions to fit the needs of your group, but keep in mind that consistency is essential. The ASCE social media team moderates affiliated social media sites and will ask administrators to sunset a page if it does not maintain a consistent posting schedule.


  • Suggested Frequency: 1x per week
  • Optimal Frequency: 2 – 3x per week


  • Suggested Frequency: 1x per week
  • Optimal Frequency: 2x per week


  • Minimum Frequency: 5 – 7x weekly
  • Suggested Frequency: 2 – 3x daily

Have a Succession Plan

Be prepared for the day that your social media administrator moves, graduates, gets promoted, or for any other reason no longer has time to dedicate to the upkeep of your group’s social media platforms. Be sure to have at least one secondary administrator in place. The social media team can help you recruit a secondary administrator to help maintain continuity.