Getting Started Checklist

Before you start a new social media effort—or before you go any further with what you’ve already started—follow this checklist to ensure you are meeting the expectations of ASCE and our members.

Get familiar with ASCE social media

When you’re getting started, it’s important to spend some time getting familiar with the existing community. Looking at what works for other sections, branches, Institutes, younger member groups, and student chapters will help you evaluate which platform(s) to use to reach your goals.

Connect with ASCE on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Review ASCE’s social media expectations

To protect the reputation of ASCE and its sections and branches, it is important to review the expectations of ASCE branded social media groups. Additionally, review the rules of engagement governing anyone who participates on an ASCE social media site. You are expected to post and enforce these rules on any ASCE social media site you manage. If you are an ASCE employee or contractor contributing to any kind of social media both on and off ASCE affiliated websites, these policies are also for you.

Starting a new social media initiative

Any social media project that you undertake on behalf of your section, branch, younger member group, or student chapter must be reviewed and approved by the ASCE Social Media Team. Submit a social media request form to start the process. Because they understand the “big picture” of ASCE social media better than anyone else, the social media team uses this review and approval process to ensure efforts are complementary and not duplicated.

Already using social media?

Now is the time to reach out to the ASCE social media team. They’ll help you get more out of your efforts, starting with getting your site registered. They’ll also review your site to make sure it complies with ASCE’s rules and requirements. If anything needs updating, the team will let you know. Register your existing social media account here.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to ASCE’s social media team to get some answers: [email protected].