Get Approval

Remember, you don’t have to start something new to get the benefit of ASCE social media. You may be able to contribute to existing communities that already have a large, active following. That way, you can reach your goal with far less up-front effort.

Starting a New Social Media Initiative

Any social media project that you undertake on behalf of your section, branch, younger member group, or student chapter must be reviewed and approved by the ASCE Social Media Team. Submit a social media request form to start the process. Because they understand the “big picture” of ASCE social media better than anyone else, the social media team uses this review and approval process to ensure efforts are complementary and not duplicated.

Already Using Social Media?

Now is the time to reach out to the ASCE social media team. They’ll help you get more out of your efforts, starting with getting your site registered. They’ll also review your site to make sure it complies with ASCE’s rules and requirements. If anything needs updating, the team will let you know. Contact the social media team here: [email protected].