Promoting Content

Social media is a balancing act. On one end of the scale, you have fresh, compelling content that grabs the attention of your audience. On the other end of the scale, your section, branch, younger member group or student chapter has ASCE products, services, and events to promote. Tipping the scale too far in either direction would keep you from reaching your goals.

Rule of Thumb for Promotional Content

To hit the right balance, use this rule of thumb. For every one piece of promotional content, you should post 4 pieces of valuable content that will grab your audience’s attention, and you should reply to one conversation.

4 pieces of valuable content, 1 piece of promotional content, 1 reply or conversation

The 411 of Social Media

Finding Valuable Content

Finding valuable content can be simpler than it sounds. Start by setting up a Google Alert for your local area. You’ll get updates when new news items are indexed by Google. Simply go to and type in your keywords. For example:

  • Northeast ohio infrastructure
  • Ohio civil engineering

Set up an RSS reader or news aggregator like Feedly and add sites and blogs that publish civil engineering information, like ASCE Roundup or Civil Engineering magazine.This will allow you to quickly scan headlines for items of interest.

And on days that are light, check out the ASCE national accounts to find content you can easily share with your fans and followers.