Blogs at ASCE

Blogging is another popular way to use social media. Not only is blog content relatively easy to publish and manage, it’s also easy for readers to share across social media platforms. To get started blogging, you can either start your own blog or contribute to ASCE Roundup: The Civil Engineering Blog & News Network.

Starting Your Own Blog

Blogs don’t come with built-in authors and a built-in audience. Launching and maintaining a blog is a big commitment. If you decide to start a new blog, you’ll need:

  • A blogging platform, like WordPress, and someone who knows how to manage it properly.
  • A dedicated content creator, or multiple contributors who are willing to devote hours of time each week to produce the best possible posts.
  • Daily monitoring and responding to comments.
  • Continual promotion to attract readers to the content.

When you talk to the ASCE social media team, they can help you decide on the best way to create and share blog content.

Contributing to ASCE Roundup

Anyone is welcome to pitch an idea for a blog post on ASCE Roundup. Our communications team will work with you to determine if the content is a good fit. Content published on ASCE Roundup reaches a wide audience and is frequently shared through ASCE national social media channels. To pitch your idea, email

ASCE Roundup attracts XX,XXX visitors per month.

ASCE Roundup attracts XX,XXX visitors per month.

ASCE Roundup organizes content by topic. The current channels include: